Alexxis Falcon

Alexxis Falcon on winning Clock Strikes Midnight match and her next PROGRESS target!

Alexxis Falcon on winning Clock Strikes Midnight match and her next PROGRESS Target!

The word brutal doesn’t cut it (excuse the pun, we will explain later!) when it comes to describing the first ever Clock Strikes Midnight match between Alexxis Falcon and Nina Samuels on day three of Super Strong Style 16.

The pair have been locked in a heated rivalry throughout 2023, and the final chapter of their thrilling story came to an end at the Electric Ballroom in a match like no other that has ever taken place before in professional wrestling.

To explain, at any point during the match, the stipulation could change. The PROGRESS fans got to see a tables match, a submission match, and even a death match, plus many more, all rolled up into one contest.

Alexxis Falcon, the brains behind the idea, proved to be the winner, despite suffering a nasty cut (now the pun is explained), as she overcame the former WWE NXT superstar.

We caught up with Alexxis to see how she was doing, her thoughts on the Clock Strikes Midnight match and what is next for her in PROGRESS Wrestling now Nina Samuels is firmly in the rear mirror.

Q: Alexxis, first, how are you doing? That was one nasty cut you suffered!

I’m doing great! The cut is healing nicely, and I feel ready to go!

Q: Would you say the injury you sustained signify just how brutal the match was?


It does. I think it was more brutal than Nina and I ever expected. Both of us put our bodies through A LOT that night.


Q: You told us before Super Strong Style 16, this match would be entertaining to say the very least. How much did you enjoy competing in a Clock Strikes Midnight match?


It was so much fun. It was stressful, hard work, challenging but above all fun. I’m glad that the fans enjoyed it. This was the first match of its kind, ever, in any setting and for it to be so well received was amazing.


Q: Would you ever compete in a Clock Strikes Midnight match again?


Absolutely! But I need to recover from this one first.


Q: How happy are you that you have now finally shut Nina Samuels up for good?


That win meant a lot to me, it was my first official win over Nina, and I’m just so happy that it ended things for good.


Q: Do you think Nina was surprised with the changing stipulations?


Yes! Did you see her face!


Q: Do you have any last words for Nina and is this chapter now officially closed?

This chapter is closed, but I want to thank Nina for allowing me to be my true self and for showing the World and PROGRESS just who Alexxis Falcon really is. She may not have intended to do it for good, but some good came out of it.


Q: What is next now for Alexxis Falcon?


I’m setting my sights firmly on Lana Austin and her title!


Q: Finally, how much did you enjoy participating at Super Strong Style 16 2023?


So much! To be part of such an awesome weekend and around fantastic talent was unreal.


We were one of the first matches announced for SSS16 so I definitely felt like there was a lot of pressure. But I would like to think we held our own on an otherwise very male dominated set of cards. Roll on next SSS16!


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Alexxis Falcon on winning Clock Strikes Midnight match and her next PROGRESS target!