Warren Banks Chapter 150 PROGRESS Wrestling

Warren Banks hyped for Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium

After a monumental Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around, with so many emotional and jaw dropping twists and turns, attention quickly turns to Tuesday 7th March for Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium.

For one man, he will need to regain his focus quickly! That man is Warren Banks, and he will go face to face with Omari at The Dome in London next Tuesday evening, even though the Nigerian Kaiju has other things on his mind!

At Chapter 150, Banks was distracted by Tate Mayfairs during his match against Dan Moloney, and the consequences were severe, resulting in him losing the match.

But what occurred in the aftermath of the match angered Banks the most, when Mayfairs delivered a vicious attack for the second time this year!

Banks, now filled with rage and anger, wants revenge and he is coming for the proclaimed ‘Tateness is Greatness’.

“Tate will not learn his lesson,” said a furious Banks. “I said it when I came back to PROGRESS, those who do not learn must feel!

“Everyone says ‘Tateness is Greatness’ but I am telling you now Tate, you have messed with the wrong guy and this has gone on for far too long!

“I am back for good, but you insisted on carrying on with this one, so now it is time we settle our issues once and for all. I am ready for you Tate.”

After calming down following his loss to ‘Drilla’ Dan Moloney and the attack from Mayfairs, Banks looked ahead to Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium and hopes to see as many PROGRESS Wrestling fans as possible at The Dome in London on Tuesday 7th March.

He continued: “We don’t know what is going to happen and that is great! I keep trying to find out more from Gene, but he won’t tell me any more details, so we will all have to wait and see.

“The show is in the spirit of midweek British wrestling and it is something we have been missing. No one does this like PROGRESS and I am sure it will be a great night.

“I have seen some of the matches on the card and it looks like a typical Gene Munny show. What you say – he’s never done this before. Anyway – I am looking forward to fighting Omari as we have come up against each other before and they have always been great matches.

“All I can say is, I hope Tate doesn’t show up!”

Tickets are now on sale for Gene Munny’s Daft Lad Emporium on Tuesday 7th March, 7pm start at The Dome in London.

To purchase your ticket and support Gene, please CLICK HERE.