What is next for Spike Trivet and Cara Noir?

Cara Noir and Spike Trivet.
The end of the chapter or a new beginning?Now the dust has settled and we look back on Chapter 151 and a historic match between Spike Trivet, PROGRESS Wrestling’s men’s World Champion, and his fierce rival, Cara Noir, I look back at the first ever steel cage match in the company’s history.

The fallout is there to be seen with Cara unfortunately suffering multiple injuries during a ferocious battle against the PROGRESS World Champion. The Black Swan will now be out of action for a lengthy period of time.

The match between both competitors was brutal to say the least. The Sovereign Lord showed no remorse when leaving the ring and he is now more hated than he has ever been before. Has Spike Trivet now truly become the most hated man in all of wrestling? Surely, and at the very least, there’s nobody that can claim the title more for most hated man in all of European Wrestling than Spike Trivet.

The question now is, where does this leave the former PROGRESS World Champion, Cara Noir? Was this meant to be the final chapter between both competitors or has this now left open a window for the Black Swan to finally seal redemption and claim back his championship? There seems to be more unanswered questions now than there are answers.

The Sovereign Lord, who is now the leader of the faction, Dominatus Regnum, is clearly stacking the odds in his favour in order to protect anybody from getting close to becoming the PROGRESS men’s World Champion.

With nothing yet announced for Super Strong Style 16 for who will be taking on the champion, what does this mean? Who could be the next in line for Spike Trivet?

With Super Strong Style 16 around the corner and the winner guaranteed a shot at the PROGRESS World Championship, a whole new chapter is about to commence for Spike Trivet.

There is no doubt, waiting in the wings, will be the Black Swan himself, Cara Noir, who will surely now realise this can’t be his final chapter with the Sovereign Lord, Spike Trivet. Was it meant to end like that?

This is only one man’s opinion, but I am certain this will not be the end in the bitter and long rivalry between Spike and Cara. With that said and with Cara Noir out for an extensive period of time who else will be waiting in the wings? By the time the Black Swan returns the line will have gotten longer, so who will finally dethrone the spiteful and despicable Sovereign Lord, Spike Trivet?

We want answers and at Super Strong Style 16 we will find out who will be next for Spike Trivet who will know doubt be presiding over all of us.

Ben Reardon – Guest Blog Post