Kid Lykos SSS16 2023 London with Nigel McGuinness

Kid Lykos: SSS16 is not just for me, but it is for all of us!

Sixteen men will battle to claim one spot and be crowned the 2023 Super Strong Style 16 winner and earn a title opportunity at the PROGRESS Wrestling’s men’s World Championship.

Each competitor will have their own story and method of motivation to win, but no-one will have more desire than Kid Lykos.

It is no secret Kid Lykos feels hard done by and opportunities have passed him by through no fault of his own – but is this now finally his time to shine?

The four-time PROGRESS tag team champion had one of the best matches of 2022 when he faced Chris Brookes and is one half of the popular team, Lykos Gym.

However, despite those accomplishments and performances, Kid Lykos has seen the likes of Chris Brookes and Jonathan Gresham achieve great things inside the squared circle, and Super Strong Style 16 is the perfect platform to catapult the highflyer to the next level.

In an emotionally driven promo, he said: “I am not just winning Super Strong Style 16 for myself. I am winning it for every single person who has given me their support and has had my back since September.

“Every single person that has given me the strength to get through all the personal and professional issues that have come my way since then, this is for you.

“I am going to walk into both the Dome and the Electric Ballroom with hundreds of fans cheering me on and have got my back.

“Super Strong Style 16 is not just for me, Kid Lykos, but it is for all of us. Let the new horror begin.”

Is this Kid Lykos’ time to truly step into his own spot light and prove any doubters wrong?

Well don’t miss out on Super Strong Style 16 and find out for yourself, with tickets available to purchase now by CLICKING HERE.