Alexxis Falcon wants fairytale ending with Nina Samuels at Chapter 150

Alexxis Falcon Entrance at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish your Love

Ahead of Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around, Nina Samuels added more fuel to the fire of her bitter rivalry with Alexiss Falcon by delivering a stern message to her opponent at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday 26th February. Nina is adamant she will end Alexxis’ ‘fairytale’ and put a stop to her once and […]

Nina Samuels ready to end Alexxis Falcon once and for all

Nina Samuels entrance at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish Your Love

The rivalry and intricacies between Nina Samuels and Alexxis Falcon in recent months at PROGRESS Wrestling have started to show the true personalities  of both women.  The pair have been embroiled in a rivalry that stretches all the way back to October 2022, when Nina Samuels returned to PROGRESS Wrestling.  After months of back and […]

BREAKING NEWS: Smokin’ Aces join forces with Spike Trivet At Chapter 149

Spike Trivet, Bullit and the Smoking Aces Celebrate Over a Fallen Tom Dawkins at Chapter 149: Establish your Love

At the conclusion of the PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish Your Love main event between Tom Dawkins and Gene Munny versus Spike Trivet and Bullit, The Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley) came to ringside and helped take out both Munny and Dawkins.  Once Trivet had scored the pin after a package pile-driver, the four of […]