Spike Trivet, Bullit and the Smoking Aces Celebrate Over a Fallen Tom Dawkins at Chapter 149: Establish your Love

BREAKING NEWS: Smokin’ Aces join forces with Spike Trivet At Chapter 149

At the conclusion of the PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish Your Love main event between Tom Dawkins and Gene Munny versus Spike Trivet and Bullit, The Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley) came to ringside and helped take out both Munny and Dawkins. 

Once Trivet had scored the pin after a package pile-driver, the four of them continued with a brutal beatdown of Dawkins, leaving him helpless on the mat. PROGRESS champion Trivet, Bullit and The Smokin’ Aces concluded the show by celebrating over the top of a  fallen Dawkins in the centre of the ring to close the second PROGRESS Wrestling show of 2023.

What does all this mean? Are The Smokin’ Aces now permanently aligning themselves with the Vulture of PROGRESS, Spike Trivet? There was no comment from any of the four men but stay tuned to PROGRESS Wrestling as we await a response from the Sovereign Lord, Spike Trivet.

In just a couple of weeks, on Sunday 26th February, Spike Trivet faces Tom Dawkins in a final showdown at Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around, to be held at the Electric Ballroom, Camden, London.

In the must not miss main event of Chapter 150, Dawkins puts his PROGRESS career on the line against Trivet for the right to get Cara Noir back.

Tickets for Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around are available to purchase by CLICKING HERE. 

BREAKING NEWS: Smokin’ Aces join forces with Spike Trivet At Chapter 149