Nina Samuels entrance at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 149: Establish Your Love

Nina Samuels ready to end Alexxis Falcon once and for all

The rivalry and intricacies between Nina Samuels and Alexxis Falcon in recent months at PROGRESS Wrestling have started to show the true personalities  of both women. 

The pair have been embroiled in a rivalry that stretches all the way back to October 2022, when Nina Samuels returned to PROGRESS Wrestling. 

After months of back and forth, from vicious steel chair attacks to blood baths, Samuels and Falcon will finally get their hands on one another on Sunday 26th February at the Electric Ballroom in London for Chapter 150 – When The Man Comes AroundThe blood bath clip from Chapter 145 can be watched now by CLICKING HERE and subscribing to Demand PROGRESS.

Former WWE NXT UK superstar, Samuels, is determined to end Falcon’s ‘fairytale’ once and for all and she will do whatever is necessary to pick up the win later this month in the Capital. 

“I should be PROGRESS Women’s champion by now but this thing with Alexiss Falcon has held me back for way too long,” said a fiery Samuels. 

“This will be the final match in our own chapter. I’m putting this fairytale or whatever she thinks it is to bed and then I am going to move onto greater things. 

“There is a lot of incredible talent in the women’s division at PROGRESS, but I am just locked in with Alexxis. I must break free from her and move on.  

“Everyone thinks it is me that started all of this, but it was Alexxis, she was the one who had the nerve to interrupt me after my debut. 

“She then pulled that horrendous blood stunt and embarrassed me in front of the PROGRESS fans. All my actions have been in retaliation and are fully justified.

 “This is the Nina Samuels Show and by finally ending this with Alexxis will prove to everyone that PROGRESS is my show, and Alexxis was just a steppingstone to greater things. I will see her at the Ballroom.” 

Will the fairytale have a happy ending? 

Tickets are now on sale for Chapter 150 – When The Man Comes Around and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE.