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Cara Noir - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Cara Noir, also known as the Black Swan, is a truly captivating professional wrestler who has made a name for himself in the world of PROGRESS Wrestling. With a unique and enigmatic persona, he brings an element of mystery and darkness to the ring. Cara Noir’s entrance and Cara Noir’s theme just simply have to be seen in person.

Dressed normally entirely in black, Cara Noir embodies the elegance and grace of a swan while also exuding an intense and brooding aura. His wrestling style combines technical finesse with high-flying manoeuvres, captivating audiences with his agility and precision.

The Black Swan character is known for his psychological warfare, often manipulating his opponents’ emotions and using mind games to gain an advantage. He possesses a theatrical flair, making every match an enthralling performance that blurs the lines between what is sport and art.

In September 2019, Cara Noir made his debut in PROGRESS Wrestling, appearing in the Natural Progression Series tournament. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Scotty Davis, who went on to become the tournament’s eventual winner. Noir then competed at Chapter 95, where he faced Pete Dunne also now known as Butch in WWE.

From October to December, Noir engaged in a gripping rivalry with Ilja Dragunov. They traded wins against each other at Chapter 96 and Chapter 97, intensifying their feud. The culmination of their rivalry took place at Chapter 99 in a two out of three falls match, with Noir emerging as the victor.

At Chapter 100, Noir earned a championship opportunity for Eddie Dennis‘ PROGRESS Unified World Championship. However, Dennis had to relinquish the title due to injury. Subsequently, in January 2020, at Chapter 101, Noir competed in a four-way match against Ilja Dragunov, United Empire’s Kyle Fletcher, and Paul Robinson, emerging triumphant and capturing the prestigious title.

Known for his incredible rivalries with Spike Trivet, Ilja Dragunov and the PROGRESS title vs Ring of Honor title feud with former ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham, which the Daily Star said was “The biggest bout in independent British wrestling history” the Black Swan, Cara Noir has truly left his mark in PROGRESS Wrestling history.

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Cara Noir, the Black Swan.

With 17 defences and champion for 791 days, Cara Noir has held the Men’s PROGRESS World Championship more than anyone else in PROGRESS Wrestling history.

Notable matches in Cara Noir’s history include:

Cara Noir vs Ilja Dragunov
Cara Noir vs PAC
Cara Noir vs Spike Trivet
Cara Noir v Jonathan Gresham

After his steel cage match at PROGRESS Chapter 151: Heavy Metal with the Vulture and Sovereign Lord, Spike Trivet, Cara Noir is sadly injured and out of action. We all wish him a speedy recovery and we cannot wait to see him back in a PROGRESS Wrestling ring in the future.

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