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Kid Lykos II

Kid Lykos II - PROGRESS Wrestling

The Journey

Kid Lykos II debuted in PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 104 in the Natural Progression Series before making a name for himself in Lykos Gym in his tag team with Kid Lykos. Lykos Gym won the vacant PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team Championships beating the Young Guns in the final of a tournament and proving himself to be a real sh*twolf.

Their creative ways in which to bend the rules were a key reason how they held onto their titles, with the PROGRESS fans witnessing from their homes their brand of tag team wrestling in the Peckham era.

They were successful until losing the tag titles to Smokin’ Aces but the attitude stayed the same. Lykos Gym were a part of the fantastic Tag Team scene in PROGRESS once fans came back to live shows and had superb matches with the likes of Sunshine Machine and 0121.

Lykos Gym faced Aramis and Jack Evans during the Super Strong Style 16 tournament and raised the roof with their performance but still acted outside of the rules.

A year later and Lykos Gym had been accepted by the fans due to their consistent ring work and dedication to PROGRESS Wrestling and Kid Lykos II was at the side of Kid Lykos throughout his journey to being crowned the winner.

The following months saw Spike Trivet claim that the friendship between them was a weakness and took it upon himself to single out Lykos II and attack him relentlessly but in teh end it was Lykos II who won his friend the opportunity to gain a rematch with the Most Hated Man In Europe.

We could all do with a friend like Kid Lykos II.

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Kid Lyoks II, The Problem Child.

Kid Lykos II’s performances in PROGRESS Wrestling are characterized by a mix of high-flying agility, technical skill, and a willingness to engage in physically demanding and dramatic storytelling, making him a standout performer in the promotion.

Notable matches in Kid Lykos II’s history include:

Lykos Gym vs Dominatus Regnum

Lykos Gym vs Young Guns

Kid Lykos II vs Bullit

Kid Lykos II vs Spike Trivet

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