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The Journey

The Sunshine Machine, comprising Chuck Mambo and TK Cooper, has made a significant impact in PROGRESS Wrestling. Their journey began somewhat unexpectedly. Initially, they were just friends filming a vlog called “Escaping The Midcard” and hadn’t planned on becoming a tag team.

Their tag team formation was an unplanned development, arising when a company asked them to participate together in a tag team gauntlet match in 2018. This opportunity clicked for them, and they decided to pursue it further, especially as wrestling events resumed with live audiences after the lockdown period​​.

Their debut in PROGRESS Wrestling was at PROGRESS Chapter 107 on March 27, 2021, where they defeated The Young Guns (Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs). They achieved a major milestone by winning the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship, defeating The 0121 (Dan Moloney and Man Like DeReiss). Their reign as champions was notable, setting a record at 358 days before eventually losing the titles to Smokin’ Aces (Charlie Sterling and Nick Riley) at PROGRESS Chapter 153 on May 28, 2023​​.

A particularly memorable moment for Sunshine Machine was at Unboxing V: Deal or No Deal, where they defeated the original champions FSU (Eddie Dennis & Mark Andrews), setting a record for the most title defences in PROGRESS history. Both Mambo and Cooper expressed how influential FSU had been in their careers, noting the parallels between the two teams and the significance of this victory in cementing their own legacy in the modern British wrestling scene​​.

Another significant storyline involved their rivalry with Lykos Gym. Leading up to PROGRESS Chapter 148, Sunshine Machine was poised to break the all-time tag team record for the number of defences, with their match against Lykos Gym being crucial.

This matchup was not just about the record but also carried personal significance, especially for Chuck Mambo, who had faced confidence challenges and personal attacks from Lykos, culminating with his head being shaved. The team expressed their commitment to not only breaking records but also enjoying wrestling and acknowledging their unexpected success and the support of their fans​​.

In summary, the Sunshine Machine’s journey in PROGRESS Wrestling is marked by unexpected beginnings, significant achievements like setting record title defences, and emotionally charged storylines, showcasing their evolution as a dominant force in the tag team division.

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Sunshine Machine, TK Cooper and Chuck Mambo.

Sunshine Machine’s popularity in PROGRESS Wrestling can be attributed to their impressive in-ring achievements, their genuine chemistry and organic formation, their commitment to enhancing British wrestling, their ability to engage and win the support of fans, and their dedication to elevating tag team wrestling.

Both Mambo and Cooper have expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and the feeling of growing up in PROGRESS, suggesting a deep connection with the fans​.

Notable matches in Sunshine Machine’s history include:

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Sunshine Machine vs 0121

Sunshine Machine vs FSU

Sunshine Machine vs Bollywood Boyz

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