Maggot Entrance at Chapter 149 PROGRESS Wrestling

Maggot: Anatomy of an ring entrance

Are there many entrances in the world of wrestling more captivating and unique as Maggot’s? 

The Son of Nothing is renowned for his in-ring entrance, and instantly captures the imagination of the crowd, who cannot resist rising to their feet to join in! 

Maggot’s ability from bell to bell is equally as impressive, and he showcased his talent at Chapter 149: Establish Your Love, as he picked up the win in a fatal four way against Tu Byt, Warhorse and Tate Mayfairs. 

Happy to have achieved his first PROGRESS win of the calendar year, Maggot explained the reasonings behind his impressive ring entrance and his target for 2023 at PROGRESS Wrestling.  

“I feel great after my win at Chapter 149,” the former wXw Shotgun Champion admitted. “After my loss against Charles Crowley, I needed to win, and my focus is now on the future. 

“I didn’t care Warren Banks got involved in the match, he has helped put me in a good mood so that is all that matters. 

“I love my entrance. It started quite naturally because I have always had a love for music. I was searching for a theme that people would instantly think of me when they heard it. With my walk, I do that even when I am at home alone, so it is nothing special to me. 

“My music and walk sum me up as a person and I’m pleased it makes other people happy too. 

“I want to establish myself further now on the roster at PROGRESS. I have been welcomed with open arms by the fans and I want to achieve something great this year.” 

PROGRESS Wrestling’s next show will be on Sunday 26th February at the Electric Ballroom in Camden for Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around. Tickets can be purchased now by CLICKING HERE.  

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