PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 157 Preview: GCW Championship – Blake Christian vs Charles Crowley

Charles Crowley has answered Blake Christian’s challenge for a PROGRESS Wrestling contender to face him for the GCW Championship at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf.

It means that there are now three title matches on the card alongside the Men’s PROGRESS Championship match between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos and the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship match where champions the Smokin’ Aces take on the tombola team of Gene Munny and Connor Mills who won their opportunity at the Hooked On Wrestling “Shake it all about” event at The Dome last Monday.

It marks yet another example of PROGRESS Wrestling being the place to be in terms of seeing champions from around the world, with QT Marshall defending his AAA Latin American Championship at Chapter 154: It’s Clobberin’ Time on AEW All In weekend and Warrior Wrestling Champion KC Navarro also appearing on that show and making a huge impression on the PROGRESS Wrestling fans on his debut.


Blake Christian is no stranger to the Electric Ballroom after his outstanding match against Leon Slater at Chapter 141: Handshakes & Cheeseburgers, but his attitude has certainly changed since then with the now GCW World Champion becoming cockier by the day. The talent remains the same though, as proved by the victory over Leon Slater in his only Ballroom show to date and his open challenge to any PROGRESS wrestler certainly got the fans excited for what laid ahead.

“I’m going to defend the GCW Championship against the best wrestlers in the world all the way around the world, and speaking of around the world, I said I was coming back to the UK and I’m making mt return to PROGRESS Wrestling. And I’m not coming alone… I’m coming with my GCW World Championship, so that means I’m facing the best – so pick whoever to face me for it.”


Charles Crowley is the current TNT World Champion and has won five of his last seven matches in PROGRESS Wrestling. He is on an upward trajectory in both match results and crowd popularity. His charisma and in-ring work have enamored him with the PROGRESS Wrestling fans of late and helped him find himself after he went missing last year inside his own head.

Speaking to us exclusively backstage after his six-man tag victory for Team Simon Miller with Gene Munny over Team Tate Mayfairs he said “The match was wild, and now I am back on my winning trajectory. All three of us have very unique charismas and I loved it, but it’s now time for me to show my worth for championships.”

Blake Christian v Charles Crowley - PROGRESS Wrestling - Chapter 157 -Hungry Like The Wolf


Now The Spectacular Tw*t gets his chance at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf when he faces Blake Christian for the GCW World Championship.

Speaking to us, he said “This is the start of my rise. People still doubt me, and I want to prove I can go with someone with the talent of Blake Christian. It warms me that PROGRESS Wrestling fans were commenting with my name when asked who they wanted to see face Blake and it means so much to me. I’m so ready, the fans are getting so vocal for me and I’m going to feed off it on Sunday, 24th September.”

Crowley then cut a promo about his GCW Championship against Blake Christian, which you can view here.

PROGRESS Wrestling tickets for Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf are available now via the DICE app.

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 157 Preview: GCW Championship – Blake Christian vs Charles Crowley