Long Halloween Chapter 158


PROGRESS Wrestling returns to the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 22nd October. Chapter 158: The Long Halloween will be another spooktacular themed show with the best wrestling in the UK with the best Halloween dressed fans!

We are very excited to bring you another stacked card featuring some of the best talent in the UK as well as contracted wrestlers from Pro Wrestling NOAH and WARRRIOR Wrestling at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween.
Head to the DICE app to ensure you are in the Electric Ballroom for what promises to be a historic event in PROGRESS Wrestling history.

Spike Addresses at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

Spike Trivet addresses his future as the PROGRESS Men’s World Champion

After his actions at Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf, Spike Trivet has promised he will be at the Electric Ballroom to address his tenure as our champion. Kid Lykos and his #foreveryone movement looked like it would finally end the one year reign of horror Spike Trivet holds over PROGRESS Wrestling, only for Spike to rip his mask off and roll him up for the controversial finish last month. What will he have to say for himself? Be at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 22nd October to find out.

Alexxis Falcon vs Lana Austin at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

PROGRESS Women’s World Title Match
Lana Austin (c) vs. Alexxis Falcon

Lana Austin is undefeated in over a year in PROGRESS Wrestling and her Lana Austin Experience stable has dominated the women’s roster for months on end. Alexxis Falcon has had enough and is risking it all when claiming her shot at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween. If she is unsuccessful, she can NEVER get another shot at Lana Austin, but the Experience are banned from ringside. Something has to give this Halloween – will we see a new champion crowned or will Lana be the scream queen once again? Find out at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 22nd October.

SaNitY vs Paul Robinson & Malik at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween

Tag Team Match
SaNitY vs. Malik & Paul Robinson

Malik is really trying to impress Paul Robinson to show his gratitude for entering him into the NPS Tournament years ago and is attempting to make their tag team a success – which has so far proved unsuccessful. At the last chapter, he tagged himself in and tried to hit Robbo’s own foot stomp finish only to miss and end up taking the pin.

He has the chance to prove himself this month though, when the odd pairing take on SaNitY, a proven tag team with a track record of picking up major gold including the NXT Tag Team Championships. Can Malik & Paul Robinson co-exist enough to topple Big Damo and Axel Tischer or is this the start of SaNitY’s push to take the PROGRESS Tag Team Titles from the Smokin’ Aces and defend them around the world?

Warren Banks vs Luke Jacobs at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

Singles Match
Warren Banks vs Luke Jacobs

Luke Jacobs is a former PROGRESS ATLAS Champion and has some of the hardest hitting matches in the UK. After helping Kid Lykos exact some revenge on Spike Trivet in Sheffield at Chapter 156, he returns to singles action to face Warren Banks at the Long Halloween.

Warren has not been seen in PROGRESS Wrestling for some time and he is jumping in the deep end here against a wrestler he currently has a 1-2 record with in singles matches. Can the former SSS16 finalist return with a blaze of glory beating one of the UK’s finest athlete’s or will the ring rust show and Jabobs walk away the victor.

This one is going to be a FIGHT.

Warrior Championship

Warrior Wrestling Championship Match
KC Navarro (c) vs. Jack Bandicoot vs. Vaughn Vertigo vs. Brent Banks

At PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 158: The Long Halloween, we will see the return of Warrior Wrestling Champion, KC Navarro. After making such a huge impression during the AEW All In weekend shows in August, the fans chanted please come back… and return he shall this October.

KC noted that the Electric Ballroom crowd was the loudest he had ever wrestled for and he can’t wait to be back, but he wants the biggest challenge. After his own brilliant debut last month, Jack Bandicoot was first to answer the call, then the well travelled Vaughn Vertigo who is making his return to PROGRESS. Finally we received the news that we are getting the return of Brent Banks who previously wowed the Electric Ballroom but hasn’t been seen in PROGRESS since chapter 90.

This four way looks like it’s going to be WILD. Be at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 22nd October to find out who wins the WARRIOR Championship match!

Tate Mayfairs vs Yoshiki Inamura at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

Singles Match
Tate Mayfairs vs. Yoshiki Inamura

AT Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf, Tate Mayfairs blatantly used his brass knuckles to knock out Simon Miller. He claims that he won by wristlock, but the PROGRESS fans saw what they saw. He has been claiming that as the The Greatest Professional Wrestler To Ever Walk Planet Earth, he should be facing “real wrestlers and not YouTubers” so how about he faces competition in the form of Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Yoshiki Inamura?

The Japanese strong man picked up his first win in PROGRESS Wrestling at the last chapter in a spectacular match with TK Cooper and he will be looking to avoid the knockout punch from Tate at Chapter 158. Find out who will carry on their winning momentum at the Electric Ballroom on Sunday, 22nd October.

Nina Samuels vs Aleah James at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 158

Singles Match
Nina Samuels vs. Aleah James

We haven’t seen Nina Samuels since she lost the Clock Strikes Midnight match in what was a match of the year contender. She’s brushed off the cobwebs and returned for Halloween to face the debuting Aleah James, someone she still holds a grudge against for her loss in NXT: UK.

This one is going to be personal… and we are very excited to see Aleah make her Electric Ballroom debut just like Renee Michelle last month. The women’s division is looking STACKED and these two wrestlers are going to tussle to see who moves up the ladder.

Gene Munny vs Nathan Cruz

Singles Match
Gene Munny vs. Nathan Cruz

This first time match is a classic hero vs villain story. Gene Munny is one of the most loved wrestlers on the PROGRESS Wrestling roster, whilst Nathan Cruz is one of the most despised. Both come into this match with something to prove after Gene was ‘robbed’ of the tag team titles at the last show after an incorrect referee call and Nathan Cruz is coming off the back of losses to Kid Lykos and Paul Robinson. This one is a fight for supremacy between two wrestlers that need to break the habit and it’s going to be a Long Halloween for one of them. Find out who on Sunday, 22nd October.

PROGRESS Wrestling Halloween Fancy Dress

Crowd Participation Match
Halloween Fancy Dress Competition

Chapter 158: The Long Halloween is going to be a night to remember. We’re thrilled to combine the excitement of professional wrestling with the spooktacular fun of Halloween. If you have been waiting to bring a friend to a show… this is the one to do it for. Get dressed up and see a great night of Halloween based action with PROGRESS Wrestling.

To add an extra layer of excitement to this unforgettable evening, PROGRESS Wrestling is inviting all attendees to take part in a Halloween Fancy Dress Competition.

Whether you want to channel your inner monster, your favourite spooky wrestler, or a classic horror movie character, this is your chance to showcase your creativity and Halloween spirit.

Prizes including merch and tickets for future shows and bragging rights await those with the most impressive and spine-chilling costumes.

Buy your PROGRESS Wrestling tickets for Chapter 158: The Long Halloween in Camden via the DICE app to see what looks to be one of the strongest cards of the year… dressed in your finest spooky costume!