Renee Michelle: “Making my PROGRESS Wrestling debut in my husband’s hometown was very special to me”

Renee Michelle made her long awaited UK debut for PROGRESS Wrestling this past weekend in Birmingham and Sheffield and we caught up with her to discuss her performances, her competitors, her future goals and wrestling in her husband’s hometown.

Welcome to PROGRESS Wrestling. How did you enjoy your first time in front of our fans?

I had a blast! I was nervous and excited as it was my first time wrestling in front of the UK crowd… but what better way to do it than with PROGRESS Wrestling!

You made your debut in Birmingham which is of course your husband Spud FKA Drake Maverick’s hometown. How special was that for you?

It was very special to me. Seeing the city where he was born and started his wrestling career. I’m glad that many talent and fans still remember him after all these years have passed. They were all telling me their stories they had with him. It was endearing. He was quite a rambunctious character but in a good way and its clear they miss him a lot.

You appeared to have a change of attitude in your match with Rhio in Birmingham at Chapter 155. What brought that on?

She gained my respect along the way. Being in the ring with Rhio was amazing. She is so talented and I’m glad we were able to bring it out of each other in the ring. I don’t want to forget the other ladies in PROGRESS Wrestling too as they are all super talented. The level of professionalism, locker room etiquette, there was zero drama. They treat each other like a family and it is amazing. Their work in the ring is amazing as well. The weekend with them was definitely a learning experience for me that I enjoyed so much.

Your match with Session Moth Martina showed a very different side to your character. How much fun did you have working with her?

My match with Session Moth Martina was awesome! I had a lot of fun even though at times I was trying to be serious because I was determined to get the win. She is an amazing opponent with a lot of energy and will keep you on your toes. In the ring she kept cracking me up because the things she does are simply ridiculous, and it works for her character. It’s hard to make me laugh, but she got me good a few times. Luckily I got the upper hand on her in the match, but I enjoyed my time with her in and outside of the ring. She’s very welcoming and has this infectious personality that keeps everybody together. She’s an asset to any locker room.

Now you have made your debut in PROGRESS Wrestling do you have plans to come back to the UK?

Absolutely! Hopefully I will be back as soon as possible. I enjoyed my time in the UK and I would love to come back… there’s so much more for me to do here.

Having been at these shows this weekend is there anyone in particular you have your eye on for a future match in PROGRESS Wrestling?

I’m honestly not picky, but if I had to choose it would be with Millie McKenzie who is so advanced for her age and she should be seen on a grander stage. I also would love to get in there with Alexxis Falcon, Nina Samuels, and of course the Women’s PROGRESS champion, Lana Austin. I’m really up for any challenge that comes my way. I’m just grateful for the opportunity and I hope to show PROGRESS Wrestling fans and management I can be an asset and put on great matches with the exceptionally talented women here.


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Renee Michelle: “Making my PROGRESS Wrestling debut in my husband’s hometown was very special to me”