Tate Mayfairs at Chapter 157

Tate Mayfairs: “I made Simon Miller pass out to a wristlock at PROGRESS Wrestling and it was legendary”

At Chapter 157: Hungry Like The Wolf, Tate Mayfairs picked up his second singles win over Simon Miller in PROGRESS Wrestling. The fact he used brass knuckles to do so appears to have slipped his mind, but we caught up with him after the match regardless to talk about his feud, his future and the PROGRESS promise.

We have seen a truly vicious side to you since Chapter 154 where many in attendance were visibly shaken by your intensity after the match with Team Miller. Is this a sign of things to come from Tate Mayfairs?

Ooh visibly shaken were they? These fans are obviously stupid they’ve proven it time and time again with their fickle support and the way they champion people who make a mockery of our sport… Prime example: Simon Miller. As far as “things to come” expect the world to bow down and confess that Tate’ness Is Greatness because like it or not I am undeniable.

Before today you had lost four matches in a row in PROGRESS Wrestling, did you feel the pressure of having to win and is that why you introduced the brass knuckles?

First of all, one was against Will Ospreay where the ref intervened in my performance, and the other three matches were a lost by technicality; I was not pinned or submitted – someone else in the match was. I feel no pressure, I know exactly how great I am. I don’t know why you bring up my Knux; I only wore them to the ring… I made Simon Miller pass out to a wristlock and it was legendary.

Tate Mayfairs wristlocks Simon Miller at PROGRESS Wrestling

You have said that Simon Miller isn’t a wrestler and you should be wrestling real wrestlers… do you believe you should be moving on from him now after beating him twice – albeit both times controversially?

Yes what else is there to prove? I’ve gone toe to toe in competition with the best in the world, I’ve won titles internationally on different continents, wrestled for the biggest companies in the world, wrestled on television, set records for attendance figures across Europe AND I’m the TNT world champion. I’ve beaten Simon Miller by pinfall and submission now. Tell me when I’m telling lies and let’s be honest PROGRESS Wrestling would be lucky to have me represent them as their champion… but they’ve never given me a title shot.

What is the PROGRESS Wrestling promise?

Well, well… that’s for me to know and for you all to watch and wait…

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Tate Mayfairs: “I made Simon Miller pass out to a wristlock at PROGRESS Wrestling and it was legendary”