Tate Mayfairs annoyed with how Super Strong Style 16 unfolded

Super Strong Style 16 doesn’t just change the pathway for the winner but can also have a huge impact on those who do not win the annual PROGRESS Wrestling tournament. Tate Mayfairs in particular had everything on the line including a cool £5000 if he didn’t go on to win SSS16.


Tate Mayfairs’ journey in this year’s competition ended in the first round of matches, when he was presented with arguably one of the toughest first round matches against one half of the Swords of Essex, and former PROGRESS Men’s World Champion, the 5 star king himself, United Empire’s Will Ospreay.


The self-proclaimed ‘Greatest professional wrestler to ever walk planet Earth’ was unable to find a way past Ospreay in what was a truly brutal affair, as both men went back and forth with Mayfairs indeed delivering a performance to back up his claims about his ability inside the ring even if a potential loss was to cause him to not only leave Super Strong Style 16, but also for him to give up £5000 to a fan which in then typical Tate style gave you himself as nobody had supported him more to the annoyance of everyone in attendance.


Mayfairs Super Strong Style 16 further soured when he was the last man to be eliminated in Simon Miller’s Ups and Downs Battle Royal, with Rampage Brown collecting the victory. Even with Simon Miller being away in the USA it seems he still had a laugh at Tate Mayfairs expense.


“I was obviously too kind in how I treated Will Ospreay and gave him the respect I thought he deserved,” admitted Mayfairs.


“He got lucky, and it is what it is. I now have time to reflect, and I don’t know what I will do next.


“I don’t know what I have done to ever upset anyone, including the fans. I turn up and I show how good I am, and as far as I am concerned, I won the “Simon Miller Ups and Downs Battle Royal” but the old guard just keeps on hanging on in there like Rampage Brown. I don’t need any warm fuzzy feelings” inside anyway and especially via Simon Miller who couldn’t even be bothered to turn up!


“I feel hurt how Super Strong Style 16 went for me. My goal is to be the best professional wrestler and love me or hate me, I showed I can back up my words by going toe-to-toe with Will Ospreay himself.


“I showed him and everyone else how great I am. The whole World will get down on one knee and confess that Tateness is Greatness.”


What is next for Tate? What can now not be doubted is the fact he really can go head to head with the best regardless of whether you love him or hate him, Tate Mayfairs can no longer be ignored.

Will he be at the next PROGRESS Wrestling show on Saturday 26th August – PROGRESS and DEFY – A Historic Show to explain what he has Tate Mayfairs got planned next?

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