Kid Lykos reacts to winning Super Strong Style 16

Kid Lykos posted a passionate and firm message on his social media channels “It is not just for me, it is for all of us.” on the 14th May.

The message was delivered ahead of Super Strong Style 16, and the powerful promo just gave a small insight into what everyone was about to see from a man who had an unrivalled hunger and desire to win the 2023 tournament.

It is no secret Kid Lykos has felt hard done to and especially after what many felt was the match of the year with Chris Brookes at Return of The Fly. Yet the member of Lykos Gym since his mask v hair mask against Sunshine Machine’s Chuck Mambo has truly turned over a new leaf becoming a firm favourite with the PROGRESS faithful.

Super Strong Style 16 offered a chance of true redemption, a chance to prove a point and most importantly, a chance to win an opportunity to fight for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship.

Lykos knew all too well the journey would be far from easy, but his resilience shone as he overcame two former PROGRESS Men’s World Champions in Big Damo and Will Ospreay’s conquerer Nathan Cruz, alongside beating one of the best young prospects AEW has to offer, Nick Wayne, to reach the final.

His final match was once again against a former PROGRESS Men’s World Champion, in the shape of Mark Haskins, another man who had a point to prove and who himself wanted to mark his return to the company that helped him grow into a globally recognised wrestler.

Haskins for large parts of the bout looked like he was going to be crowned 2023 Super Strong Style 16 winner, but Kid Lykos, as he had done in his first three matches, found a way to win, sparking bedlam inside the Electric Ballroom when guest referee Nigel McGuinness smacked his palm against the ring to confirm the three count pin.

Reflecting on his best day at PROGRESS, Kid Lykos said: “I am absolutely knackered. Mark Haskins is no joke, and neither is Nathan Cruz, Nick Wayne, or Big Damo. They are four incredible competitors.

“I am made up to beat four world class wrestlers to win Super Strong Style 16. It is now time to celebrate.

“It was such a tough route to the final. In the first round I fought Big Damo, and we all know what he has achieved in the past 12 months. Next up was Nick Wayne, who is without doubt one of the best young wrestlers in the World and in the semi-finals, Nathan Cruz, a former PROGRESS Men’s World Champion who conquered arguably the best wrestler in the world, Will Ospreay.

“Mark Haskins was then waiting for me in the final and he is one of the best this country has ever produced.

“I am emotional. I was once retired for 26 months and I couldn’t wrestle, so to go from sadness to winning Super Strong Style 16, it has been incredible.”

Kid Lykos will take some time now to celebrate his victory, but he already his eyes firmly set on the next prize, and a certain Sovereign Lord and head of Dominatus Regnum, Spike Trivet.

“Spike is a very impressive champion,” admitted Lykos. He brought the Black Swan, Cara Noir down, but he has never wrestled anybody like me.

“Spike is smart, he is cunning, but I am one of the most creative wrestlers on the roster. Spike, this message is for you, I am coming for you and your PROGRESS championship. Your time is nearly up and believe me when I say, that it’s time to finish the journey not just for me, but for everyone. This will be for us.

When will Kid Lykos take his opportunity to try and win the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship? 

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