Lio Rush and Danny Black backstage at SSTN by Bourne's Photography

Lio Rush Has Nothing But Praise For PROGRESS Wrestling

American wrestling star Lio Rush admitted he is not done with ‘the number one wrestling promotion in England’ after his PROGRESS Wrestling debut at CHAPTER 148: Start Spreading The News.

Rush felt right at home in a PROGRESS Wrestling ring and he delivered a match all fans in attendance will remember for a long time against Danny Black.

The former manager of WWE superstar and one of the favourites for this year’s Royal Rumble, Bobby Lashley, made a winning start to life at PROGRESS Wrestling, and now he has had a taste, he wants more!

Speaking to PROGRESS Wrestling for the first time, Rush gave an extended interview, praising Danny Black, thanking the fans and his new set targets.

Rush said: “Danny Black is a fighter. I thought I was a fighter but he brought the fight to me and it wasn’t something that I was expecting. It put me off my game a little bit but I’d be more than happy to give Danny another shot.

“I couldn’t think that my first PROGRESS experience could have gone any better. I said and did what I knew I was going to do, and that was to get the win. A lot of that was down to experience and maybe a slight intimidation factor, but I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my PROGRESS debut.

“The crowd were rowdy but I embraced it. They call me the bad child for a reason and I feel like rowdy crowds are a hometown advantage. I loved every minute of it.

“What’s next for me now is to travel and wrestle around the World. I’m from America but I feel I’ve built up a resume which qualifies me for any other opportunities outside of America.

“I will be going to the UK, Japan, Mexico, Germany or wherever to continue to show to people why I am the bad child and why I am the man that everyone knows me, and that’s the man of the hour.

“As far as PROGRESS is concerned, I want to come back and that win has put me in the eyes of all of the roster. I’m going to make them realise that I should be on their radar. I hope that I’ll be back soon.

“PROGRESS is to me the number one promotion in England and I feel like it’s been talked about for years. 

“It has such a historic line-up of competitors who have come in and done great work. I can see PROGRESS being home for me in the near future, so thank you to all of the fans that have followed me in my journey throughout the years, and have continued to motivate me to become the best wrestler I can be.”

Lio Rush will next be appearing at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 150: When The Man Comes Around 26th February, 3pm start at the Electric Ballroom, Camden.

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