Raven Creed's Dilemma feat. Lana Austin on PROGRESS Wrestling

Raven Creed’s Dilemma

Ever since Raven Creed faced and lost to Lana Austin in the straight jacket match at Chapter 139: Warriors Come Out To Play, she has had mental issues in facing her again.

After returning at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News… in the PROGRESS signature match, The Thunderbastard. Raven is attempting to face her fears, but is still struggling.  That’s why it was a bit of a surprise when the woman who dumped her out of the Thunderbastard match, Dani Luna, decided to team up with Raven to face the Lana Austin Experience duo of Skye Smitson and LA Taylor at Chapter 149: Establish Your Love.

On the eve of this titanic battle, we caught up with Raven to get a better idea of what’s going on with her right now and what the plan with Dani Luna is.

“There is no better person to tag up with than the one who beat me in the Thunderbastard match. The reason why I’m tagging with Dani is that she has no fear and she does not let Lana Austin get into her head. In my head, I don’t know how to get past Lana but Dani has the ability to do so.

“We haven’t discussed anything apart from how we are all going to beat them all up. It’s good as it means I don’t have to fight Lana yet, so it’s an opportunity to build up my confidence.

Raven continued to talk about how the plan all leads back to Lana “I need to get my head back in the game and once that happens, I’ll be unstoppable and I will go on to beat Lana Austin.

“There’s nothing special about Lana besides the fact she has found a way into my head. Every negative thing that’s happened to me at PROGRESS has been directly because of her, and I just need to get out of this rut. I need a kick up the arse to get back to it.”

Raven Creed & Dani Luna vs.  The Lana Austin Experience (Skye Smitson & LA Taylor) takes place at Chapter 149: Establish Your Love on Sunday February 12th, O2 Ritz, Manchester.  The last few remaining tickets are still available HERE