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Cheeky Little Buggers

The Journey

The Cheeky Little Buggers, a tag team consisting of Charles Crowley and Alexxis Falcon, made their debut in PROGRESS Wrestling at Chapter 160: VENDETTA on December 17, 2023.

In that debut match, they secured a victory over Rob Drake and Lana Austin, showcasing their unique blend of charisma and wrestling prowess. This match was pivotal in establishing their credibility and setting the stage for their future successes in the promotion​.

Their big moment came at Chapter 163: Twisted Metal on February 25, 2024, where they defeated the Smokin’ Aces (Nick Riley and Charlie Sterling) in a thrilling surprise match-up to win the PROGRESS Tag Team Titles.

This victory was met with one of the loudest crowd reactions in the history of the Electric Ballroom, as fans celebrated the Cheeky Little Buggers’ unexpected triumph and Falcon’s historic achievement as the first female to hold the PROGRESS Tag Team Championship​.

Their title reign, however, was not without challenges. At Chapter 166: Freedom Walks Again on April 5, 2024, the Cheeky Little Buggers faced SAnitY (Big Damo and Axel Tischer) and the Sunshine Machine in a triple threat match. Despite a valiant effort, they lost their titles to SAnitY, marking a significant setback in their journey​.

Most recently, at Chapter 167: One Bump Or Two?, they managed to overcome the debuting Reece & Rogan, demonstrating their resilience and determination to remain competitive in the tag team division​.

Sadly, Alexxis Falcon has since announced a serious injury, casting doubt on the future of the Cheeky Little Buggers. This development raises questions about what lies ahead for the team and how they will navigate this challenging period.

Fans and followers of PROGRESS Wrestling are eagerly awaiting updates on Falcon’s condition and the team’s plans moving forward.

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The Cheeky Little Buggers, composed of Charles Crowley and Alexxis Falcon, are a vibrant and eccentric tag team known for their theatricality and unorthodox wrestling style.

This dynamic duo combines Crowley’s flair for dramatic, almost vaudevillian antics with Falcon’s fiery, hard-hitting approach to create a unique and captivating presence in the ring.

Crowley, often referred to as “The Tw*t,” brings a larger-than-life persona, complete with flamboyant gestures and a penchant for mind games, which keeps both opponents and audiences guessing.

Falcon, on the other hand, balances this with her intense and aggressive wrestling style, showcasing a blend of high-flying manoeuvres and technical prowess. Together, they create a compelling contrast that makes their matches not just physical contests but also highly entertaining performances​.

Their synergy is evident in their ability to seamlessly blend humour with serious in-ring competition, making them crowd favourites across the independent wrestling scene, and former PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

The Cheeky Little Buggers have carved out a niche for themselves with their ability to engage and entertain the audience while maintaining a competitive edge in the tag team division. Their matches are marked by a balance of comedic timing and high-intensity action, which keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

Whether executing synchronized tag team moves or engaging in playful banter with the crowd, Crowley and Falcon’s chemistry and unique approach to wrestling make them one of the most entertaining and unpredictable teams in the business…

Notable matches in Cheeky Little Buggers’ history include:

Cheeky Little Buggers vs Lana Austin & Rob Drake

Cheeky Little Buggers vs Smokin’ Aces 

SAnitY vs Cheeky Little Buggers vs Sunshine Machine 

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