PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 156 Preview: Bullit vs Damo

Bullit vs Big Damo at PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 156: Steal Yourself

Ahead of PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 156: Steal Yourself event in Sheffield on Sunday, 10th September we spoke to the One Man Armoury, Bullit about his upcoming match against Big Damo. Hear his thoughts on that bout as well as the ongoing feud between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos in PROGRESS Wrestling. Your match against Big […]

Big Damo ready for a fight!

Big Damo on PROGRESS Wrestling

Ricky Knight Junior, RKJ, sent shockwaves through the PROGRESS Wrestling locker room at Chapter 148: Start Spreading The News. The next generation superstar won the Natural Progression Series 8 late last year, and by doing so received a title opportunity against any champion he desires. Many people expected RKJ to target PROGRESS World Champion, Spike […]