Big Damo Enters Super Strong Style 16 2023

Big Damo is ready for a fight at Super Strong Style 16!

Big Damo is ready for a fight at Super Strong Style 16

Well, now we know the first-round matches for Super Strong Style 16, we really start to embark on the journey to crown the 2023 tournament winner.

Each competitor will have their own individual motives and reasons as to why they want to be victorious on Monday 29th May in the Electric Ballroom, but their overriding one for sure will be that as the last man standing, it will result in them having an opportunity to challenge for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship currently held by the Sovereign Lord, Spike Trivet.

We have some mouth-watering first round matches, including Will Ospreay facing off against Tate Mayfairs, Mark Haskins vs Leon Slater, Danny Black vs Charles Crowley and many more…

However, a standout match in the round of 16 is former ATLAS and PROGRESS Men’s World Champion Big Damo going one on one against Lykos Gym’s Kid Lykos.

The two men couldn’t be any more different in terms of style, size, and background, making it even more of an intriguing contest. The winner will advance to the quarter finals to face the winner of Robbie X vs Nick Wayne.

Speaking from his home in the USA, Big Damo also formerly known as Killian Dain in WWE, who won both the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship and Atlas title in 2022, is now bidding to win his first Super Strong Style 16 tournament and re-enter the title picture.

Question: Big Damo, what does Super Strong Style 16 mean to you?

“Super Strong Style is the premiere tournament in European wrestling, and many say it is the premiere tournament in all of independent wrestling globally.

“If everyone thinks back to all the names who have competed in the tournament in the past ten years, and I include myself in that, it has been fantastic for PROGRESS Wrestling. I feel this year it is a necessity for Big Damo to win the tournament and it sets up what happens for me for the remainder of this year.

Question: Do you feel like it is your right to win considering you never got a rematch against Spike Trivet for the PROGRESS Men’s World Championship?

“Spike refused to give me my match for the PROGRESS World Championship title so there’s no way in winning this tournament that he can then turn me down. He has nowhere to run.

“It has always been an ambition of mine to win Super Strong Style 16. Considering I won two titles in 2022, I will be going all guns blazing and taking down Spike Trivet for good.

Question: Now you know your pathway to the final, and the first hurdle is in the form of Kid Lykos, a man who seems to be very much fixated on winning Super Strong Style 16…

“Kid Lykos is very talented, and he can back up what he is saying, so there is not a chance I am getting ahead of myself and looking past him.

“There is a massive difference in our styles and our size too, but everyone knows what he is capable of, and he is a dangerous opponent. I can’t look past him as that could be my downfall if I do.”

“All of us have earned the right to be here. Last year, I felt I could use SSS16 to turn my PROGRESS career around. However, it wasn’t Super Strong Style 16 that turned my PROGRESS fortunes round, it was everything else around it.

“Maybe Kid Lykos still has his story to tell, and this is his tournament to really showcase his ability, but he will have to back up what he has been saying. The crowd has really got behind him in recent months, so it will be an interesting match that is for sure.”

Question: Do you feel like you have a point to prove at Super Strong Style 16 this year?

“I can assure everyone that this will be a different Damo compared to last year’s tournament. I have won championships since then and I have competed all around the World. I am confident this will be my year.

“This year’s line up is one of the best that has ever been put together for Super Strong Style 16. There are so many former champions and big names included. It is going to be one hell of a tournament and I am sure it will be talked about for a long time.”

Question: Finally, away from SSS16, do you have an injury update on your close friend, Axel Tischer?

“Axel is a machine. It was a hell of an injury he sustained, he shattered his collarbone in several places. He had to have surgery so it is just a matter of time but I know he is already back training.

“He is very focused on his return to the ring and I am sure we will see a very determined Axel once he is back.”

One thing is for sure, in that after a stellar 2022 nobody can rule out Big Damo in winning more championship gold and it starts at Super Strong Style 16 with Kid Lykos.

Tickets for Super Strong Style 16 are still on sale and can be purchased now by CLICKING HERE.